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Welp I have still not done much in the way of updates, at least that you can really see, but i have been busy nevertheless. I reorganized the gallery, added thumbnailing and inline playing to uploaded videos (had to reup them though and it doesn't want to work on all of them for some reason.) I despammed things (again) and hopefully stopped that sort of nonsense for a while. I added new pics while i was at it, many of Damien with his new glasses. I removed the useless profiles and forum since it has become clear I barely have enough time to to mess with the really obviously useful stuff. I also got some new neat software for my Nexus that allows me to directly upload pictures to the gallery from the phone and a sweet app that I am using right now to post this blog, which adds GPS location data right to the post, wow. Neato new stuff, but less impressive maybe when I'm just sitting at home posting from the living room. I hope this finds you all well. :)